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Who Are We Now?

This is a fun icebreaker or energizer! Great for laughs and energy, the shedding of stress, status and roles.

  1. Step 1:

    How to do it:

    1. Arrange participants in a circle.
    2. Instruct participants that they have to act out your instructions.
  2. Step 2:

    When pointed to they should act out following:

    "Insta Model" - Participant should immediately pose as an Instagram model. The two participants alongside the Insta model (one to the left and one to right) take the role of photographers and mimic gestures of taking photos.

    "Elephant"- Participant poses as an elephant by immediately thrusting two hands held together in front to represent the elephant's trunk. The two participants alongside form a circle with their hands and place them by the side of the participant to serve as "ears" of the elephant.

    "Jello" - Participant shakes his or her body like jello continuously. The two participants alongside form a circle around the target participant. The idea is to form a "container" around the jello.

    "Daisy" - participant and those alongside him or her should freeze and not move at all

  3. Step 3:

    Expect that people will be confused and make mistakes. Such mistakes generate laughter and fun.

    To make the exercise competitive, participants who make a mistake (both the one pointed to and the two participants alongside him or her) can be eliminated from the game.