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This fast and loud energizer is highly effective for boosting a group’s energy in a very short amount of time. The group stands in the circle and a loud yell of the sound “Maaaah…” is sent around the circle. It gets louder and louder as it travels around the circle until it gets all the way around and ends with a thundering, collective “ZUNGA!”

  1. Step 1:

    The group stands in a circle.

  2. Step 2:

    One person starts of by stretching his arms straight out into the centre of the circle,, bending the knees a bit and shouting a sustained “Maaaaaaaahh....!” He continues the sound as the person next to him copies this, and the next person copies this etc.

    Everyone keeps on shouting “Maaaaaaaahh...!’ until the circle is complete and back at the person who started. This person then raises his hands in the air and finishes the shout with an extra strong “aaZUNGA!”. This final sound and motion should be done simultaneously by the whole group, creating the feeling that the floor rumbles. Often groups cannot synchronize the ending in the first go around so it can be good to try it several times.