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Dance, Dance, Dance

In this short and physically active energizer, participants dance playfully in small teams. Periodically, the music changes and members take turns leading the dance. The aim is to generate fun energy and playfulness in a group, often as a counter-balance to more “serious” group work.

  1. Step 1:

    Organize the group into teams of 3-5 people.

  2. Step 2:

    Explain that when the music starts one person in each group starts dancing and the others follow the leaders. When the song changes, another member in each group becomes the new dance leader. Encourage them to be big and crazy with their dance moves and to move around in the space.

    Change the song every 30 seconds or so. Play enough songs that each member in every group is the leader at least one time. End by fading out the music and initiating a big cheer.

    Facilitator notes

    Make sure to choose familiar, highly danceable songs that will energize people right away. Even better if each song is a different genre to mix up the dancing styles. Be mindful that some people may not feel comfortable dancing. Encourage all to participate, but do not put pressure on any who may choose to opt out.